Saturday, September 15, 2007

Spc. Jamaal R. Addison

Sleep well, soldier
know that you are honored
your name is not forgotten

we stand humbled
bowed in awe and sorrow
before your sacrifice

sleep well, soldier
sleep well
we will remember you

-Susanna Holstein

Sunday, January 21, 2007

2nd Lt. Emily J.T. Perez

with thanks to Larry Jaffe

the U.S. death toll in Iraq was "minute."
--Rupert Murdoch

As in trifling, of little importance,
inconsequential, a flash in the pan
not worthy of a moment’s notice…?

Perhaps a small number,
easily absorbed in the scheme of things
for the greater good – freedom and security
and the American way of life

until my attention is brought to one
who might hold the future in her palm
with her gentle way and caring

She wanted to be a soldier
and as in everything she did
excelled as a cadet, a leader

The death of one soldier may be trifling
to one who has only urged conflict
from the safety of a corner office
in a tower at the center of universe

but I cannot help but wonder
what the continued life of a soldier
who worked for Aids patients
might have meant to our hopes

I will never know, but do know
her life or death was not slight
as the fall of a wounded sparrow

-Gary Blankenship

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lance Cpl. Patrick R. Adle


Let me be the fallen soldier -
a single, nameless face.
Let me simply fall in honor,
dying in this place.

I don’t wish my name be written
in countless hist’ry books.
I don’t want the endless praise
for how, the earth, I shook.

Let me be the nameless soldier,
one who died for all.
When evil came to take us down,
just know I heard the call.

I’ll gladly lay my life down here,
give up this mortal shape.
I’ll give up my last breath for good,
before taking my escape.

Let me be the unknown soldier,
who died for peace at last,
with no problem disappearing
into nameless past.

-Jaime McDougall

Pfc. Christopher S. Adlesperger

They needed volunteers to hold the enemy back.
On a quiet, American morning you stepped into
The Gap.

And stood.

You stood when the night stretched
on too long.

You stood when the sun came
up too strong.

You stood when the sand
blew like hot coals right into your eyes.
You stood like a water wall,
holding back the fire.

And millions of fathers and mothers back home, get down on their knees
and give thanks to our Lord...

because you stood.

-Sara Pufahl

Friday, January 05, 2007

Cpl. Andres Aguilar Jr.

Boys seeking manhood,
Men seeking truth,
for Noble gain,
Never realizing
Possible pain,
To save a Country,
In the name of Freedom,
History repeats their destiny.
Some will return,
Whole, but scarred,
By the memories of
Brave soldiers,
Brothers lost to Patriotism.
We mourn for them.
We pray for them a
Safe return
We thank them for
their Sacrifice.

-Margaret Kreischer