Friday, June 30, 2006

Pfc. Devon J. Gibbons

June 23, 2006
Port Orchard, Washington

I did not know you, at 19 young enough
to graduate the year before my granddaughter,
the year after my grandson. Old enough
to teach seminary, but still a kid in many ways.

Remember rooting for the Wolves,
fireworks over Sinclair Inlet on the 4th.
Remember digging clams at Manchester,
bike rides along Beach Drive.

Our summer begins with August heat,
mornings perfect for long walks, reflection.
On every street, flags fly proud
to salute our Nation’s birth.

The Olympics stand blueberry
in God’s full glory,
Rainier rises tall

I did not know you.

Gary Blankenship


KL said...

Very touching work, Gary.

Thank you.

Michael Parker said...

Reflective. Nicely done!