Sunday, July 02, 2006

Spc. Genaro Acosta

The call

One day I glanced
and I perceived that I saw
a man on a bench that wept
while I swept

Inquired of him
I approached and I asked
What was so sad
what was so bad?

"My son has died
in a land far away
In the army was he
and my heart always be.

I weep not for
his passing you see
but I reflect on his life
of his joy and his strife

a troubled lad
was he in his youth
but joy did he find
assisting, to be kind

I'm weeping you see
from a post have I here
telling his deed that was so brave
written by the family he did save."

I went my rounds
sweeping the ground in silence
thought did I no ill can befall
when our children heed and answer the call.

jd bowling