Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lance Cpl. Patrick R. Adle


Let me be the fallen soldier -
a single, nameless face.
Let me simply fall in honor,
dying in this place.

I don’t wish my name be written
in countless hist’ry books.
I don’t want the endless praise
for how, the earth, I shook.

Let me be the nameless soldier,
one who died for all.
When evil came to take us down,
just know I heard the call.

I’ll gladly lay my life down here,
give up this mortal shape.
I’ll give up my last breath for good,
before taking my escape.

Let me be the unknown soldier,
who died for peace at last,
with no problem disappearing
into nameless past.

-Jaime McDougall


writerwoman said...

Beautiful words to describe an amazing feat of courage.

Marie said...

What a beautiful tribute to those who give of themselves so unselfishly...
They don't want high praises..they just want to spend their lives in the service of others.

Granny Sue said...

as the mother of a soldier, I thank you for this poem.