Saturday, July 01, 2006

1st Lt. Scott M. Love

Letter from a Soldier to His Daughter
(A Found Poem)

Vina, I had a dream
with you in it the other night.

We were at the beach and we made
a gigantic sand castle. A castle with candy

cane stripes and we climbed to the top
of the tower. From there, we could see far

out to sea. You told stories about friendly
rhinos and magical forests and adventures

on the moon and I listened and laughed.
The sky turned pink, then orange.

When the winking stars came out,
we climbed down out of the tower and walked

on the sand with no shoes on. I love you
Vina, I had a dream.

Lois P. Jones


SarahJane said...

that's a beautiful one. i got the goosebumps. woe. is it over yet?

L.P. Jones said...

Sarah thank you. It is written with the soldier's own hand, I only crafted the lines into a poem.

Your ghazal linked on your blog is a real beauty.


KL said...

I love the story behind and in this poem, Lois.

Thank you.

writerwoman said...

Very well done. I love the perspective you used to craft that poem.